TEN-T project B2MoS organizes training seminars on the EU Directive 2010/65/EU

During the last weeks, the first of the 15 training seminars for port communities have taken place in Rostock, Bremen (Germany), Ravenna (Italy), Valencia, and Tarragona (Spain).  The events have been coordinated and organized in close cooperation with the respective port authorities, Steering Committees, federal states and service providers. The aim of the seminars is to enable port communities to have a better understanding of new technologies and potential solutions, as well as to provide training materials on the modifications that port management, port community systems (PCS) and business systems will require in order to comply with the new requirements derived from EU Directive 2010/65/EU. They are organized as part of Activity 4 – Communication and Training of the Business to Motorways of the Sea (B2MoS) project.

During the events, the project background, activities and challenges have been highlighted, followed by the presentations of what each National Single Window offers and requires and how port community systems are adapting. In most of the cases in B2MOS, the link between the members of the port community and the maritime single window will be the PCS and PCS managers are prototyping different services to support shipping agencies to comply with Directive 2010/65/EU. In addition to the presentations, discussions open to all delegates participating in the seminars have been included in the programme, so all the participants willing to present their opinions, problems they are encountering during the pilot period and recommendations for improvement have been free to do so. The participants have also been provided with flyers, handbooks, and brochures about the project in general and about the implementation of Directive 65.

The next seminars will be held on the 20th of April (Livorno, Italy) and 22nd of April (Barcelona, Spain). In the Livorno event, the Commander in Chief of the Captain Office of the Port of Rome will present the PMIS, the IB Group will demonstrate the functionalities of the software for shipping agents and shipowners, the port authority will present the adaptations of the TPCS and several other authorities and members of the port community will participate in the discussions. The Barcelona event will be organised with the collaboration of the Ports de la Generalitat the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping (2E3S) and the State Ports (Puertos del Estado).

In the long run the training courses are expected to enhance the exchange, best practices and innovation, whilst at the same time spreading B2MoS objectives and encouraging the implementation of the B2MoS initiatives and pilots in the future in the partner countries.

The B2MoS project, co-funded by the European Union, is establishing a European Network of integrated MoS transport chains, by taking full advantage of existing maritime links and facilities, and therewith connecting maritime, road, and rail resources optimally within the European Transport Network. At the same time the project aims to boost the ability of short sea shipping within the Mediterranean, and to concentrate the freight flows in European North-South and West-East maritime routes strengthening the cohesion of the EU and revitalising peripheral and ultra-peripheral regions. B2MoS partners come from Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom, and the focus of the initiatives is on these countries.

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For more information on the training seminars or on the project itself please contact the Coordinator at: b2mos@fundacion.valenciaport.com or the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping (leader of the Activity) at info@2e3s.eu.